Life Sciences Capital
  • Experienced underwriters: We are seasoned underwriters and risk managers. We do not rely on formulae and are able to look at unorthodox risk. We understand key business issues and will structure loans creatively for maximum business impact.
  • Real world financiers: We recognize the start-up nature of our borrowers. We realize ups and downs are the norm and the unexpected often happens. Trials can take longer than planned; test results are often different from expectations. We know what we need to do to see our borrowers through such set backs, and are responsive to changes.
  • Access to dependable funding: many of our competitors are financed by funds with finite horizons. By setting ourselves up as a perpetual company, we are positioned for the long term. As a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank (member FDIC) — a 150 year old, privately owned bank with 15 billion dollars in deposits, we have access to a dependable source of funds.